NRSC-5 Standard and Reference Documents

(updates and additional information from iBiquity Digital Corporation) including:
  • Audio service program types
  • Advanced Applications Services (AAS) port numbers
  • Applied sound experience types
  • Text encoding types
  • Service data types

Standard document:
  • NRSC-5-B

Reference documents:
1011s rev. F (Layer 1 FM)
  • 1012s rev. E (Layer 1 AM)

  • 1014s rev. H (Layer 2 channel multiplex)

  • 1017s rev. F (Audio transport)

  • 1019s rev. F (Advanced Application Services transport)
  • 1020s rev. G (SIS transport)
  • 1026s rev. E (FM transmission system spec)
  • 1028s rev. D (Program service data)
  • 1082s rev. E (AM transmission system spec)
  • 1085s rev. C (Program service data transport)
  • RFC 1662 - PPP in HDLC-like Framing

Patent disclosures:
These have been submitted to the NRSC in accordance with Section of the NRSC Procedures.
  • iBiquity
  • Impulse Radio

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